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From A/V and Management to Custom Solutions - MSP has the Tools and Experience 

Lego interactive display

Custom Solutions


Yes, we do concert production and tradeshows and meeting A/V.


Additionally, one of our most popular services available is our custom solutions.


From custom branded interactive activations to custom scenic elements and branded VIP structures we bring specialized capability to set your brand or event experience apart from the rest.


Production Services and 
Event Technology

* Production Management

* Venue Management

* 2.6mm / 3.9mm / 6mm LED Video Screens
* LAcoustics Audio Systems

* Event and Concert Lighting Systems
* Staging

* Barco, GV, Sony, Panasonic Video 

* Corporate AV

* Concert Systems
* Tradeshows
* Experiential Events and Activations


Event & Venue Consulting

With a reputation for building venues and events that are not only sustainable financially, but professionally run and operated, MSP gets called regularly to help consult venues and events on how to achieve that sustainability and operational excellence. 
Want to do something new, or a new set of eyes to help guide you? Contact us!

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